Registering an Account

Registering is fairly simple: go to the linked website and register on that page. For this will be and fill out the input fields:

  • Username: that’s your username you want to have. Maybe it’s already taken, then please choose another one.
  • Server: currently you can only enter “” here.
  • Password & Password Verification: enter your desired password here. Please use a strong password here that you haven’t used elsewhere yet.
  • Enter the text you see: here you need to enter the captcha code that is displayed right below the input line. If you don’t see an image there, there might be a problem with your browser or with the site itself (contact me then).
  • Click on “Register”

After you successfully registered your account, you can either use the webinterface on or better use a dedicated XMPP client. Here is a list of recommended clients:

Platform Clients Download
How To
Windows Gajim Download  
MacOS BeagleIM App Store  
Monal App Store  
Linux Dino IM Download  
  Gajim Download  
Android Conversations Play Store  
Blabber Play Store  
IOS Siskin IM App Store How to setup Siskin IM
Monal App Store  

There are lots and lots of other XMPP Clients on all platforms. Some may be outdated or not supporting all features for todays needs such as OMEMO. The above list is a result of common recommendations.