Ho’okipa is Hawaiian for “hospitality” or “welcome” – and that’s what this is all about: be invited to register your account on the hookipa.net XMPP server and chat with your friends and family!

XMPP/Jabber is an open standard for chat and messaging, in which the users are independent of closed and commercial systems (e.g. WhatsApp). Similar to telephone, post or e-mail, With XMPP it does not matter which provider you are using to connect. Sometimes you can even use the same address as your e-mail for XMPP. And you have the free choice of tools, i.e. which apps / programs you want to use to communicate with others.

There are several domains on this server you can use to register an account:

Domain Description Register
Compliance Tester
hookipa.net general purpose, XMPP only click to register  
nerdculture.de needs Mastodon account on Nerdculture.de click to register
nerdica.net needs Friendica account on Nerdica.Net click to register  
nerdwind.de needs mail account contact me  
windfluechter.org needs mail account contact me  
xmpp.social general purpose, XMPP only click to register  

If you have problems, you can join the support chat at xmpp:support@chat.hookipa.net?join – it is also possible to create a ticket at the ticket system on https://rt.windfluechter.net. See this page (German) for short description.