Ho’okipa is Hawaiian for “hospitality” or “welcome” – and that’s what this is all about: be invited to register your account on the hookipa.net XMPP server and chat with your friends and family!

XMPP/Jabber is an open standard for chat and messaging, in which the users are independent of closed and commercial systems (e.g. WhatsApp). Similar to telephone, post or e-mail, With XMPP it does not matter which provider you are using to connect. Sometimes you can even use the same address as your e-mail for XMPP. And you have the free choice of tools, i.e. which apps / programs you want to use to communicate with others.

This server is a “Class A” XMPP provider according to https://providers.xmpp.net/:

There are several domains on this server you can use to register an account:

Domain Services Register
Mail + XMPP 💰
not yet available
hookipa.net XMPP only 🆓
click to register
Mail + XMPP + Matrix 💰
not yet available
nerdculture.de uses Mastodon account on Nerdculture.de 🆓
click to register
nerdica.net uses Friendica account on Nerdica.Net 🆓
click to register
nerdwind.de Mail + XMPP 💰 not yet available
windfluechter.org Mail + XMPP 💰
not yet available
xmpp.social XMPP only 🆓 click to register

If you have problems, you can join the support chat at xmpp:support@chat.hookipa.net?join – it is also possible to create a ticket at the ticket system on https://support.windfluechter.net. See this page (German) for short description.