When you have an account on the Mastodon instcance on https://nerdculture.de or https://nerdica.net/ you can also use any XMPP client to communicate with your friends. XMPP is a widely used federated chat protocol. “Federated” menas that it works like your email: there are many, many different servers out there and you need to know the address (JID) of your contact. Sometimes it is the same as the mail address of your contact If unsure, please ask your friend, family member or business contact for their XMPP (JID) address.

Your own JID is the same as your Mastodon/Friendica ID (but without the leading @): <username>@nerdculture.de or <username>@nerdica.net. So, that’s easy, right?

As a first start you can use the webclient Converse,js on https://jabber.windfluechter.net/ (which is the real host of the Nerdculture XMPP server). But of course you can also use any other XMPP compliant client. Here’s a list of some:

Usually you should find a suitable XMPP client in your preferred app store.

XMPP also features the concept of Multi User Chat rooms (MUC). There is even a search engine for MUCs: https://search.jabber.network/rooms/1 – there you can easily search & find chat rooms that match your interest. You can also create your own chat rooms, either public or private. And of course there is already a chat room for Nerdculture/Nerdica users: xmpp:discussion@chat.nerdculture.de?join