We try to store only data that is needed for operation and for as short as possible. Server location is Germany.

What we store

  • Website:
    • As always. when using a website or the Internet at large, your IP address will be transmitted and can be logged by the server. Usually the IP address is not stored, but can be used to detect malicious traffic. When the filter systems think they have detected such malicious traffic, it will block the IP address and store that IP address in a database.
  •  Accounts:
    • User name and hashed password
    • Other profile related data that you enter voluntarily in your XMPP client, eg. mail address or postal address.
    • Date of account creation and last login.
  • Messages
    • Offline messages, when someone sent you a message while you were offline.
    • Archive. By default we will be keeping an archive of your messages for later retrieval by yourself. This can come in handy if you log in with a new device and want access to your message history and is also required if you want to use the OMEMO encryption with multiple devices. You can opt-out of this by setting your server-side archiving preferences with your XMPP client.
  • When you upload files to share with your contacts or a  multi-user conference chat it will be stored for later retrieval by the recipients.
  • Other data
    • A list of your contacts (Roster, Buddylist). This list is maintained by you. You decide who goes on that list and who gets deleted.
    • Semi public data you are publishing for your contacts to see like your avatar or the OMEMO public keys.
    • Other private data your XMPP client might upload like a list of conference bookmarks.

What we don’t store

  • Your IP address or any information that could be inferred by that address like your location.
  • The time when you login. – Or more general the times when you use our services.
  • A correlation between your account and your payment information for longer than it is necessary to fulfil our return policy.

How we handle your data

  • Currently all cost of operation is payed by me as a hobby (system administratio) so I simply don’t have to sell or analyse your data in any way.
  • If you delete your account all related information will be deleted with it. Including your files and messages.

We encourage you to give as less information as possible and use end-to-end encryption like OMEMO.